Who is God and What are we doing about Him?

If a poll were to be taken of a 100 people and the question “Who is God?”is asked, you would probably get a different answer from each individual. The fact is in a world where everyone’s opinion becomes their truth and the principle by which they live, God is diminished and demoted (then He isn’t God anymore!). Thus, we must turn to the only source and standard of objective truth which properly and perfectly tells us who God is and what we should do about Him. Revelation 4 is an amazing chapter giving us a glimpse of the Almighty God. It’s not the only chapter that tells us about God but for our purposes in this article, it is sufficient. 


The chapter commences by telling us about John, exiled in Patmos, seeing God sitting on His throne in heaven (cf. Rev. 4:2). It is here that we begin to see the description of who God is


1. One sitting on the throne (Rev. 4:2, 10) – God is One. He is singular! There is not a plurality that sits on the throne. God (Yahweh, Jehovah) is one and there is no other god. Yes, there exists a triune in the sense that God the Father is God, Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is God. However, they are not three separate gods, but they are all one. It is a simple statement but a powerful one that we must recognize. Any other thing, person or being that we want to make our master, or our “god” is really nothing at all. God sits on the throne implying He has all control and all authority in heaven and on earth. He rules with complete and utter sovereignty and there is none that can compare. 


2. Like a jasper stone, sardius in appearance, rainbow… (Rev. 4:3) – God’s appearance is described with the use of images of valuable and fine stones. These stones are bright and radiant when light is reflected on it. God is light, and He is very bright. His appearance is blinding to the human eye and we cannot begin to comprehend His fullness and majesty. 


3. Holy, Holy, Holy (Rev. 4:8) – It is only hereand in Isaiah 6 that this phrase is used in the entire bible. It is also only used of God. God is utterly, pure, holy, otherworldly! He is completely and entirely separate and apart from all His creation including us. God is not tainted by sin and darkness like we are. He does not lie, and He is not tempted to commit evil. God is blameless, perfect and magnificent. 


4. The Almighty (Rev. 4:8, 11) –God is all-powerful. There is nothing too hard for Him! This is seen aptly in the creation account in Genesis 1 and 2 where God spoke everything into creation. He is so powerful that He is pictured in Revelation as conquering and obtaining victories without even lifting a finger.


5. Who was, Who is, Who is to come (Rev. 4:8-10) –God is eternal. Everything we know about ourselves and the things we observe in the environment around us has a beginning and an end. God has no beginning and no end. We cannot wrap our minds around the quality of God because we are finite. We cannot understand this but that does not make this irrelevant or untrue. 


These five statements paint a majestic and relatively good idea of who God is. God rules with unlimited authority and power. He controls all and He is utterly pure. He is eternal in nature and thus knows everything there is to know. Now that we know who God is, what are we doing about Him?


In the same chapter, we are told what those around God are doing. They understand who God is, but they just don’t sit around doing nothing. They are busy doing something about God. The four living creatures, who are described as being unique and in some sense worthy of attention, are pictured as continuously praising God. In Rev. 4:7-9, they devote their undivided attention to God who sits on the throne. They do not cease to give God praise and honor for who He is and what He does. They give Him glory, honor and thanks for He is worthy to receive it. 


The 24 elders, who are pictured in white garments with crowns on their heads sitting on thrones around God’s throne, are also devoting their undivided attention to God. Notice in Rev. 4:10-11 that they fall down before God. They understand the magnificence of being in God’s presence and they fall before Him in humility and reverence. They worship Him, and they cast their crowns before Him. It’s interesting the crowns they are pictured as wearing earlier in the chapter they now cast before God. Why? Because He is truly worthy to receive such praise and honor since He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. 


They further proclaim that God is worthy. They understand that they aren’t worthy themselves but only God is! He is worthy because He created everything and by His will all things exist. If this was the only thing God ever did (it isn’t) He would still be more than worthy to receive constant praise and worship. 


So, we now know who God is and what these two groups were doing about Him. The question is, what are we doing about Him? Are we seeking to praise God every opportunity we get? Are we looking to glorify our maker and sustainer through our lives and our actions? How often do we give God thanks for who He is and everything He has done and continues to do for us? 


How often do you seek to worship Yahweh? Are you giving your full undivided attention to the sovereign King of kings and Lord of lords? Do you put your focus on Him to become holy as He is Holy? These questions are not an exhaustive list by any means, but they are meant for us to consider what we are doing knowing who God is and what He does. If we aren’t doing these things as we should then we better take a hard look at ourselves and start making the changes now! You know who God is, but what are you doing about Him?