Who Can Satisfy?

If everything that we do, everything that we buy, everything that we seek after doesn’t satisfy our deepest needs and fill the void and emptiness in our lives then what or who possibly can? The problem with a question like that is that it implies two things: 


1. There is nothing besides the things of this world that can satisfy us. 

2. There is nothing better than this life. 


I would suggest to you that the way we approach our deep desire for satisfaction is the fundamental cause for problems and disappointment. You see, we think that we have it all figured out. We are going do all these things over here and then we’ll be all good but then later down the road, after we’ve done all those things and some re-evaluating happens, we’re right back where we started. And that’s because: We are seeking satisfaction and meaning in all the wrong places. We seek after this phenomenon in all the wrong places and we miss the one and only true avenue of satisfaction and meaning: GOD! Allow me to share with you in this article two approaches to discovering meaning and satisfaction and some elements involved in these approaches.


Some have suggested that the Book of Ecclesiastes might be the most negative book of the bible. Yet, there are countless and timeless lessons the author has left behind for the purpose of our learning. The writer of Ecclesiastes brings a lot to the table from his perspective on satisfaction. So much of the book of Ecclesiastes is devoted to demonstrating the futility of this passing life and the uselessness of the things men think will ultimately satisfy them. Below is a list of the things we often seek to satisfy us, and the passages provided give us a really good insight into the wrong approach:


  1. Worldly Wisdom/knowledge- Ecc. 1:12-18
  2. Pleasure/Adventure/Sex/Food- Ecc. 2:1-11
  3. Money/Riches/Wealth/Stuff- Ecc. 5:10,13-15; Prov. 23:4-5; Lk. 12:15

But the good news is that there is something far better than these things or better yet, there is someone far greater! Below is a list of the things we should be seeking in order to find real meaning, satisfaction and peace. This is the right approach:


  1. GOD/GOD/GOD- Psa. 63:1-8; Psa. 145:14-20, Psa. 107:9; Acts 17:24-31; Matt. 6:25-34; Jn. 6:26-68
  2. The Word of God- Acts 20:32; 2 Tim. 3:13-14; Phil. 4:6-9,13
  3. Salvation- 1 Pet. 1:22-25; 2 Pet. 1:2-4; Rom; 6:17-18; Acts 2:37-38

Only God can satisfy our deepest needs and fill the void that this life offers to us. But here’s the key: the ultimate satisfaction occurs when we are in His Presence. When we get home, when we get to Heaven then and only then will the ultimate and highest satisfaction occur. The only one who can truly satisfy the human heart is the one who made it.


All the good and evil pleasures in this world are earthbound and will never fulfill what our spirits desire. Fortunately, God has shown us His grace and His love, and He has broken the bonds that tie us to this world through His Son Jesus Christ who carried the cross of all our shame and released us from the bondage of sin. What a powerful image but even more so a telling narrative of the eternal purpose of God’s holy plan.


God did not concoct a plan of salvation in which His only begotten Son would die just so we could live day to day looking for satisfaction in all the wrong places. God knew exactly what He was doing, and it was all about taking care of our souls!


Those of us who have accepted the gift of grace from God carry His Spirit within us. We are still human though and we will not be complete in His image in this world but through our faith we continuously strive to be like Him. 


We still have not found what we are looking for, and our spirits will not be completely fulfilled until we are in His presence. And how wonderful it will be in that home over there! 


Let us learn to appreciate the little things in life and appreciate the greatest thing God has given to us. His Son and the hope of eternal life through salvation!


If you are tired of searching and searching for meaning and satisfaction and you think there isn’t a better way, there is! You can change that by turning to God and being baptized for the forgiveness of your sins.