Sin and Its Reversals

The bible begins with the account of creation in Genesis 1 and 2. After each day of creation, God observed everything which He made, and He said it was good. After creating everything, God looked over the entirety of His creation and it was very good! That phrase, unfortunately, would not last for very long.

In Genesis 3 sin entered the world via the disobedience of Adam and Eve. Immediately, we begin to see the devastating impacts of this dreadful spiritual illness. Adam and Eve are cast out of the paradise that is Eden but that is not the worst thing that occurs. They are separated from the intimate relationship which they experienced with God in the garden. This is what truly made it paradise! Instead of living forever, they are pronounced with curses of death (spiritual and physical) and suffering. Throughout the entirety of the bible, one does not have to be a scholar to notice how sin has impacted the world for bad. What God made and called very good in Genesis 1 is now associated with evil and wickedness.

This is what sin does my friends. Sin seeks to reverse God’s creation, His goodness and the natural law and order of how things ought to be. It exchanges truth and goodness for that which is a lie and that which is evil. It preaches that we can find satisfaction and pleasure in the things of this world, but it fails to make good on its offer. And we understand this. We understand that when we sin, it may feel good for a while, but it will ultimately cause more pain and anguish than we could have ever imagined. We are cast away from God’s presence which is truly the worst kind of punishment we can ever experience. 

Sin turns God’s goodness and blessings for us upside down but only if we let it. God created us to be free-moral agents i.e. we have the ability to make freewill decisions that will impact us now and in the eternal age. We don’t have to sin. Many preach that it is impossible that we don’t sin, but the bible knows no such thing. We make the decision whether we give in to our temptations or to turn to God in prayer and seek His help as we fight the menace that is sin. 

Sin changes everything for us and it is never going to be for good. Don’t you want to be with God in Heaven someday in Heaven? Do you want to be freed from the burdens of the world and the devil? Is your sin weighing heavy on you? Turn to God and seek His face for help!