Blessed is He who Reads and Heeds!

The book of Revelation begins by stating that those who read the words of Jesus and heed them, they will be the ones who are benefited by the message. I remember countless times sitting in a classroom where the professor would administer the test. Before we put pen to paper, the professor would always say: “Please read the instructions carefully before you begin.”

Naturally, the professor didn’t have to state that we must also heed them because as we read them, we would have understood the need to follow each instruction exactly as it was or we could run the risk of failing or getting a zero altogether. No matter how many times the professor would state these words before we began the test, there would be some student who would not read the instruction carefully or if they read it, they didn’t heed everything written.

I remember an occasion or two where a student did this and the professor gave them a failing grade on that test because they did not read and heed the instructions. The student would plead their case but to no avail. They instructions were clear and the professor repeated it but they chose not to read and heed. Now, some may feel this is harsh. I beg to differ. I can tell you that those students who failed to read and heed quickly learned from their mistakes and they made sure to never do that again. 

Many people do the same with God’s word. God’s instructions are abundantly clear and He repeats it over and over again. We are to carefully read, divide appropriately and heed His word just as He gave it to us. If we do more or less then undoubtedly the message will no longer be beneficial to us. Revelation is written to Christians being persecuted and some have even died for their faith in Jesus our Lord. If they weren’t careful to read this message and to heed it, the way God intended, then it really would mean nothing to them and it would actually end up causing more harm. 

Most of us understand the value of reading instructions and labels and ensuring that we heed what they say. We do this because if we fail to it can cost us our lives if we are not careful. I will tell you that the same thing will happen if we don’t read God’s word and heed it appropriately. It may not cost us our physical lives (sometimes it does) but it most certainly will cost us our soul! God’s word is read and heeded well will save our souls. If we don’t, we will not be the blessed man. Are you careful to read and heed?