Is God Real?

The argument for a divine creator would be somewhat weak and it could be easily dismissed if it were not for the overwhelming evidence there is that He is active in His creation (God is alive and well)! The example of Ten Plagues in Egypt (Ex. 7-12) is a particularly strong argument for this point. God didn’t just simply create everything, but He continues to intervene, act and sustain in His creation (actively involved). If there is no God, then there is nothing after death and I have neither to hope for good nor to fear for evil. One would be forced to face the idea that they are just byproducts of an accident and a tragic misstep in the evolutionary process which would mean their life is worth nothing and life itself is meaningless. Yet, we don’t accept that. We don’t swallow anything like that because it’s appalling to even think such a thing. 

There is something in man that moves us to seek and long for satisfaction and we don’t stop until we find it. Someone might say, “I’m destined for greatness!” Destined implies meaning. Meaning implies purpose and purpose points us to intelligence (Ecc. 3:11). Our innate desires illustrate the purpose for which we were created (to seek for something beyond ourselves). Tim Keller in his book “The Reason for God” says, “We have a longing for joy, love and beauty that no amount or quality of food, sex, friendship, success, money or wisdom can satisfy. We not only feel the reality but also the absence of what we long for” (cf. Ecc. 1:12-18; 2:1-11; 5:10-15). The unfillable desires we all seek serve to show that God exists but also that there is only one true, living God! The fact that we all seek for satisfaction points us to a single creator with a single purpose (Acts 17:26-28).

If it were true that human beings were an accident, and all morals are relative then why do we hold a high standard for certain acts such as murder, adultery, stealing, racial discrimination etc. Why can’t we do whatever we want with impunity since life has no meaning and we are just a mistake after all? The irony of it all is even the atheist and/or evolutionist will call the cops if someone breaks into their home. They don’t believe in moral standards yet they seek to hold each other to the very thing that they deny and suppress. But why is that? The truth is, most human beings have moral feelings whether we like to admit it or not (there are some exceptions). 

The next logical question is: Where do these feelings and standards come from? We have already seen that we are created beings made with a purpose. We were made in God’s likeness (Gen. 1:26-27). If there is no God, then there cannot be a standard to which we hold one another accountable and to which we hold ourselves accountable. Morals would have to be self-made and naturally there would be chaos, confusion and anarchy and we don’t accept that. Our judicial system is modeled off of God’s divine system whether or not we would like to admit it. Yet even though we hold to a higher standard of morality beyond ourselves, we don’t accept those gods who require child sacrifices. We don’t accept those gods who call for the open and blatant disregard for human life. Why? Because we are all made in the image of the one true living God! We all think like Him and reason like Him.

Is God real? The evidence in Creation, our inert desires to seek for meaning and the moral standards to which we adhere demonstrate, that without a doubt, God is real! Since God is real, we must ensure we are giving Him thanks and serving Him as He is justly due. May we always seek to glorify the one, true living God and may our lives reflect submission and trust in Him!