The Outcome of God's Victories

1. He is glorified and exalted: Rev. 19:1, 3-6

He is above all and worthy of all praise! The word “Hallelujah” never occurs outside of the book of Revelation and for that matter it never occurs outside of chapter 19 and for good reason! Parse out the word (Hallel-u-jah) and we get a word which means all praise belongs to God. The word Jah is sometimes in word used for the rendering of God’s name Yahweh. Praise be to God! He is mighty, He is wonderful, He is omnipotent! He always wins! All stand in astonishment and awe before God and what He can do. 

2. The saints are comforted: Rev. 19:2, 20:4

To those who fear God (moved to follow Him and serve Him), those who take up their cross and follow Him daily, these have a part in God’s glorious home. They have a part in eternity with Him forever. There is none that can come remotely close to the power and conquering nature of the Almighty God. He fights for His saints and His servants and He overcomes the enemy that’s against them. God always wins! The God who is for us is greater than any against us!

3. Salvation belongs to Him: Rev. 19:1; 7:10

Ask yourselves who will fight for you and save you when it matters the most? When all hope is lost, when sin has taken its course and enemies surround you by the multitudes who else can help you but God? Where else would you go? You have seen the evidence for yourself, so what can possibly stop you from turning to Him? He delivers victories even before armies can fight. He triumphs over the greatest and most powerful nations and rulers of this world. There is none like Him none can compare! God always wins, He has always won, and He will forever win!

Acts 4:12: "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved." 

May we all turn to the victorious God and trust in Him so that we too may overcome.