The Narrow Way

A narrow road is generally very difficult to drive on and maneuver. It requires an increase in focus, control, effort and energy on the part of the driver going along such a road. If that kind of driving goes on for a while, it can certainly become exhausting and more difficult. With that in mind, it is no wonder Jesus describes the way to eternal life as being a narrow road or a narrow way. 

Each individual who desires to be like Christ, to follow Him and hopefully go to Heaven will have to walk this very road if he/she hopes to finish the course. The way to life is narrow because few have what it takes to focus, put in the effort and remain energetic even after becoming exhausted. 

This is not an unfair ask of Jesus, by the way, since He gave all for us. Jesus did what no human being has ever done and His request is that we walk in a manner worthy of the death He died for us. The road is narrow and there are only few that will find it. This is partly true for many people because they are too stuck in their ways to realize that they are looking for peace and satisfaction in all the wrong places. 

Jesus told His disciples that those who left all to follow Him would gain a hundred-fold now and also in eternal life. The point is God takes care of His people. He looks after His children and we should rejoice in this and use this as further motivation to remain steadfast in the narrow way lest we crash and ultimately fall from grace. 

No one has to tell us to stay focused on the road if, indeed, we are on a narrow strip of road. But we do need timely reminders about staying focused on what really matters because let’s face it: We live in a world that indulges all things opposed to God

The one who walks this road and finishes it will stand before God face to face and experience His glory and fellowship for ages to come. Life without pain, heartaches and sin. How wonderful is that! We all want to be there, but the question is do we have what it takes? Do we have grit, energy and the effort needed to finish the course and fight the good fight? May we all strive to walk the narrow road and may we all trust in God to bring us home.