Faith in Context

In 2018, the Barna Group conducted a survey asking Christian Millennials about what their expectations were to evangelize with those who do not share their faith. Shockingly, nearly half (47%) believe it is wrong to share personal beliefs with someone of a different faith in hopes that they will one day share the Christian faith. How do they justify this? 

The study shows that Millennials are more aware/sensitive to the heated cultural temperature around spiritual conversations. It reads that even 40% of Millennials think any disagreement about spiritual matters is judgement against the other person, so they don’t even try. The reality in 21st-Century America? The cultural difficulties they face is a marginal problem in regard to their lack of evangelizing. This, simply put, is spiritual apathy.

The 1st-century Christians truly had one of the most difficult cultural environments to deal with when they went out to evangelize the Gospel. In the church’s infancy, the Jews persecuted Gods people (e.g., Acts 5.17-42; 7.54-60; 8.3). Just a few decades later, the Romans persecuted Christians by murdering them, ridiculing them, and alienating them from economic stability (Rev 13.7-17). 

Now that was a violently hot cultural temperature and a hard life to live, but that didn’t stop them! Just read the book of Acts and you will see how it spread like wildfire over the years and the world over! Christians know that Jesus saves us from our sins, and offers eternal life (Jn 12.44-50). Christians know this is the time of salvation (1 Cor 6.1-2). Do you know this? Will you share this? Or have you given up?