Why My Body?

Understanding that Gods ultimate interest for us is our spirituality and the salvation of our souls, why then is He so concerned with how we use our bodies (E.g., baptism, sexual immorality, drunkenness, etc.)?

Some will argue that we can use our bodies with license to sin since God saves us with grace anyways, despite Paul refuting such an argument in Roman 6.15. In a somewhat opposite approach, some will say we don’t have to work for good at all for God in our bodies, despite the fact that James warns us of a worthless faith in God (Jms. 2.14, 17).

The truth is, God does not just save souls. God also sanctified bodies. Behaviors of sin that God identifies are incompatible with the life of the kingdom of God, which is why He needed to redeem human beings in the first place; that very redemption extends to the whole person – the Christian belongs to God body and soul, having been “bought with a price” (1 Cor. 6.20). 

Gods investment in the whole person is so great that the only fitting response for us is to live for the Lord with the whole person, body included (1 Cor. 6.13). It follows then that God creates provision in how we use our bodies to glorify Him: to do work which glorifies Him, and to avoid deeds that don’t.

The fact that people argue for their right to sin in their body “under grace”, or their right to do nothing for the good of God under that same grace is to completely miss the purpose God placed in your body for Him. Simply put, if you love Him for what He's done for you, keep His commandments.